February 22, 2015  
In honor of Michael's Oscar nomination, caps from Birdman are now up. I'm also working on transferring all my old interviews and I will be uploading them to You Tube. All in good time. Remember to keep your fingers crossed for Michael tonight!
February 21, 2015  
I'm currently renovating the site a bit, changing things around and capping from DVDs if I can replace the VHS caps which have been in place since I started the site many years ago. DVD caps from Night Shift are now up.

Also, Michael is nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Birdman - which came out on DVD and Blu Ray on the 18th of February - which air tomorrow night. Please be sure to tune in and keep your fingers crossed! I know I will be!

October 21, 2014  
Birdman Hi. I've recently moved servers and am in the process of moving everything over and in this process I will be making changes to the site. With the evolution of You Tube and the like, I no longer feel the need to add multimedia interviews to the site.  I will be focusing strictly on screen caps from Michael's movies and tv shows. Also, if you're in New York City or Los Angeles PLEASE check out Birdman so that the rest of us in the country have the chance to see it as well! I'll probably give the front page a new look as well so please stay tuned!
November 28, 2013  
Image property of Sony/Columbia Pictures. No infringment intended. Happy Thanksgiving! As we focus on what we're thankful for I'm thankful that in February I get to see Michael on the big screen again in the Robocop remake. Please visit the official site for trailers and more info about the movie!
September 2, 2013  
Screen captures from Michael's first sitcom appearance in 1976 - Maude - are now up. Given the age of the series the quality isn't as good as other caps.
August 18, 2013  
Screen captures of Michael from the HBO movie Clear History are now up
May 12, 2013  
Screen captures from Jackie Brown are now up.
December 8, 2012  
Screen captures from The Company have been added to the site.
July 30, 2012  
Screen captures from The Other Guys have been added. More coming soon!
September 12, 2010  
Three interviews from the summer are now on the Multimedia page.
August 1, 2010  
Sorry for the lack of updates - computer issues and real life but I have added caps from Herbie Fully Loaded and don't miss Michael in The Other Guys opening August 6, 2010 - multimedia from his promotional appearances will be available soon :)
May 2, 2009  
Michael's film The Merry Gentlemen opened in limited release yesterday and I've finally gotten up some of the promotion he did for the film.
February 2, 2009  
Just a small update to let you all know I have more multimedia added to the site.
August 27, 2008  
I was going through old tapes and found an old interview with Michael from 2005 that never made it to the site. It is now up. It's a long one so it's split up into three parts.
July 14, 2008  
I've added DVD captures from Pacific Heights to the site.
June 25, 2008  
I've redone caps from Multiplicity, they're now on the site.
June 15, 2008  
I've added DVD caps from The Last Time and added another interview to the Multimedia page.
June 4, 2008  
DVD Caps from Johnny Dangerously are now up.
May 13, 2008  
I've added screen captures from the first three episodes of Working Stiffs to the website.
April 6, 2008  
I've added DVD caps from One Good Cop and Speechless as well as many more interviews to the multimedia page.
March 6, 2008  
Michael was on ET on Monday for a minute or so. You can find it on the multimedia page.
March 2, 2008  
I've now added DVD caps from White Noise to the site.

February 4, 2008

  I was emailed by someone at NBC Universal about some interviews online with Michael from Sundance. Please refer to the Links page for links to the interviews.

December 22, 2007


I've added DVD caps from First Daughter and Beetlejuice to the website.

 September 16, 2007


Since it's one of my all time favorite movies, I've added new larger DVD screen captures from The Paper, but of all the cast.

July 14, 2007


I've redone the screen captures to Gung Ho, to the DVD version and they are of high quality. This is what I will be doing for all the Michael movies I have on DVD.

July 8, 2007



The Last Time will be out on DVD on July 10th and is available for purchase from Amazon.com.



July 7, 2007

The Company premieres August 5, 2007 on TNT. If you'd like to be notified by e-mail when I update this site please join Michael Keaton Central.
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